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FEZ Spider Starter Kit Unboxing Video


GHI is excited to have completed shipping all FEZ Spider Starter Kit pre-orders. Thanks to all those who supported us by placing orders and gave us enough patience while we shipped them.

Here is a blog post, with a nice unboxing video, from one of GHI’s customers:

For more information on FEZ Spider and .NET Gadgeteer:


And here is our friend taking pictures :slight_smile:




Is that the infamous Gus in the picture?


No, that is the customer who made the video


Nope, I guessing it’s DevHammer, the blog writer.


I guessing it’s DevHammer, the blog writer
That would be correct. He is a Microsoft Developer Evangelist and a host of the Community Megaphone Podcast.


Awesome, we need more Microsoft Megaphone types doing the same thing! “Evangelist” - I love that job title.


Future Project:
A face recognition system with MP3 shield player is playing the purchasers most beloved melody when he enters the GHI shop.

Thelonious Monk:


Glad you liked the post…hopefully the first of many (as I juggle between HTML5/JS dev, Kinect experiments, and Gadgeteer stuff).

Thanks, Gus, for linking to the post!

Andrew (aka Devhammer)


Hello Andrew and welcome to the community. We look forward to see more videos :wink: