FEZ Spider reset via Program

I’m hoping this is the last question I will have for some time. So the device will be installed remotely. If for some reason the device seems to not be working correctly…is there a way for me to send a reboot command? I’ve been able to send and receive ssl streams. I’m thinking I send an ssl stream that says reboot and call a function. Is that possible?

Thanks in advance.

As long as part of the code that respond/executes the reboot command is still working. It is possible.

andre.m - I understand. Can you give me further direction on a watchdog? I’m not familiar with that.

@ chad21mycoopers -

You can read about Watchdog here

Awesome. So I really think I was looking for the watchdog more than the reboot. Thanks Andre. One more question if you don’t mind. The configuration switches on the FEZ Spider. I’ve read some on them and seen the pictures. Is there a combination I should put them to for deployment? I’m unfamiliar with the terms used on the picture. I understand the placement to update the hardware and for debug. What about final completed project setting for the switches?

Thanks again.