Fez Spider Powered By G120?

I am just wondering if I am the only person who has noticed the Fez Spider powered by the G120 on page 2 of the G120 brochure - just above the wifi module. (You know that that is what it is!!)


Am I going insanely mad? Cumon Gus - don’t make us beg for details!!!

That’s an EMX :stuck_out_tongue:

@ Farsa - Yes you are correct - my appologies - but I was super excited for that scenario - is it a crime I ask you!!!

Even worse (but in my defense I am absolutely new to this) I spent the whole weekend weighing up the possabilities based on my assumptions and a comment where Gus mentioned 10 new modules before the end of the year!!!

Yes I’m super glad I bought that Cobra 2 at the awesome discounted price now!!!

There will always be the next big thing. Do not wait, get them all I say :wink:

@ Gus - I totally agree - alas there is always the problem of budget!

I would love to see a Spider 2 powered by the G120! can we have one Pleeeeeeaaaaasssseee!! :smiley:

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Get Eagling :wink: