Fez Spider not work property

I had Bougth a Fez Spider 2 wekks ago, but it never work.

The display stay white and i can’t connect it for updating firmware or make a ping.

Can you help me for fix this big problem??

Sounds like a version thing, what link did you use to get your software installs from? Pretty sure we can get this going for you.

I’m using an USB cable for connecting, i had installed the SDk version 4.1.

My OS is Window 8 and i have 3.0 USB only.

There have been a few users here who have comments that they have had problems with their USB 3 connections (my Alienware USB 3 ports seem to work OK), but one suggestion is to get a USB 2 powered hub as that seems to be the common fix for users who have mentioned this problem.

I use one of these http://www.thinkgeek.com/product/e2d2/?srp=10 as I like the idea of being able to switch a connection on/off.

To find more information you can do a forum search with “USB 3” (include the quotes) and you will find a couple of other folks who have posted problems with their USB 3 ports.

Should have added a request for what hardware vendor your system is as maybe someone else found a driver solution or something for your rig.

My first request is actually that you update your profile with your real name, I don’t like calling you “user 10320”. :slight_smile:

My second request is please tell us all the versions of all the files you’ve installed. The current documentation at the GHI website talks about 4.2 not 4.1, so I’m surprised you say you installed 4.1. That’s a likely cause of part of your problem.

My third and final request for the day is to show us device manager at different times when you have the DIP switches set in both “normal running” mode and “firmware update” / “tinybooter” mode. There we will see what the PC thinks is connected.

Hi, sorry but my job was kept me away to Forum.

So i have uninstalled all and remade all with SDK 4.2, i have added an USB Hub 2.0 for link but nothing is changed.

Another thing,if it important, when the device has power there is only a Red Led ligth while there is another led(Green i suppose) is down.

I have a freshly flashed Spider here and only the Red LED is on (the other one is programmable and isn’t on by default). When your spider is connected to your powered USB 2.0 hub, do you hear Windows make a sound when it is connected (ie indicates that a USB device has been connected)?

Once you have your Spider connected try starting up the MFDeploy which is installed as part of the Microsoft .Net Micro Framework install (ie the .NetMF SDK).

“C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft .NET Micro Framework\v4.2\Tools\MFDeploy.exe”

Select USB and your Spider should show up (hopefully) and if it does select from the main menu Plug-in -> Debug -> Show Device Info and you should see something like the attached photo which is from one of my freshly updated Spiders.

Ok i’ll do it, thanks, i’ll do some print screen for show you eventualy problem, another question, for make this what il the deep swicth configuration?

Can i leave them in default?

Thank you very much

Given your using a USB connection all 4 switches should be towards the reset button. Generally the only time you touch those is when you are upgrading your firmware.

Hi, i have a problem with uploading an image into the post, i want load a file bitmap, but i recipe an error on replying , i have tried with a file pdf but nothing.

Want i 'm mistaking ?

Sorry, i have done a try with last post.

this is the image

I had already done this proceed, but the updater tell me that it impossible connect to the device, more, when i have main board in loader configuration come out a window message that say device not recognize

your firmware is, and you now have a 4.2 SDK installed. You really need to make sure the device is connectable in all states, so lets work out why setting the switches as @ Andre says is not working for you. Please open Device Manager and show us what device is not recognised and capture another screenshot


I have captured another pictures for show you my problem.

Sorry but the messages is in italian, but they are understandable.

So,the first image show the device manager when the switches are all in off, the other images show when the switches are in loader configuration.

Hi, can you please capture screenshots of the other tabs/sections of the last image (driver, detail, events) ? Might also assist. Sorry, I don’t have a Spider and haven’t seen this issue so I can only keep asking questions not really help with useful thoughts. I think we now know that the bootloader driver is meant to be recognised as a serial port and for some reason your PC isn’t loading the driver.

another info

@ Andre I don’t think this is the issue; the driver in question seems to me to be the bootolader one not the GHI debuggable one when the switches are in OFF position. I don’t think GHI lay down a serial port driver, but it’s always worth trying I guess.