FEZ Spider Mainboard Updater: no response from device, the USB driver may not have installed correctly

I have a Fez Spider Mainboard that I am having trouble updating. I have tried running the Mainboard Updater on two different laptops and each time, after the TinyBooter is updated and the device rebooted there is no response from the device and the error pops up

“The USB driver may not have installed correctly. Re-installing the USB driver may solve this problem.”

I have tried reinstalling both the .NET MF 4.2 RTM (QFE2) and the GHI NETMF v4.2 and .NET Gadgeteer Package (11-29-2012) but still get the same error. Any ideas what is going on and how to remedy it?

While USB specifications say ports should provide 500mA, we rarely see a port that can actually provide 500mA. We always recommend the use of powered hubs or a power pack instead of relying on the USB power. Use a powered hub from a known brand, not a cheap hub. If your device has the option of using a power pack (for example the USB Client DP Module) then you can use a power pack instead. 9V 1A is typically recommended but check the bottom of the circuit board for printed voltage range. All power connectors on GHI products are 2.1mm with positive on the inside and negative on the outer ring.

Not using a powered hub or power pack can cause:
[ul]Unexplained behavior
Device does not function
Device functions intermittently
Device functions but network fails
Device functions but SD card fails
Device functions but firmware update fails[/ul]
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Jay - is it OK to use a power pack while updating the motherboard, i.e. while connecting to the PC over USB too?

If you have a DP module, then yes you can have both the power pack and the USB cable connected to the module at the same time. The external voltage rating for the power pack is on the back of the GHI DP module: 7V ~ 30V.