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FEZ Spider Kit arrived but



First thanks for the FEZ Spider Kit! It’s a great product and i think I’ll have a lot of fun with it.

I live in Austria so I ordered the kit from a german distributor.

First Impression was: “Nice box” but after unpack all modules i saw the disadvantages of this “nice box” . I have a very small scratch on the Display because an other module was pressed onit in this small box.

It doesn’t bother me, ok maybe a Little bit…,but it’s not perfect…

I’ll suggest to add an stronger packing for the display. It’s the most expensive part in this kit.

So now I’ll start my Visual Studio and add the missing TCP and UDP Support for the Ethernet module :slight_smile:

Greetings from austria!


There is a plastic film on the display. The it off as the scratch is probably just the protective plastic film and your display is just fine :slight_smile:

Welcome to the comunity.


No the scratch is below the plastic film.


I find this very strange. Please email me directly at gusi@ the GHI

You maybe okay with scratch but we are not :slight_smile: will take care of this.