FEZ Spider II & TinyClr 0.2.0

I’ve just received spider II and I try to load bootloader on it … But I’m a little lost.
Iv’e set LDR0 and LDR1 (with switch on ON) for mainboard in GHI bootloader state.

I launch FEZ Config. Then Advanced menu -> Loader update -> G120

Must I change tinybooter file ? If yes, with g120 bootloader or g120 firmware ? Then how to upload the other one ?

We do not have the updated tools for TinyCLR yet. The old tools may work but I have been just simply using TeraTerm. Open it and hit X then confirm… then load the file using xmodem 1K.

First “G120 Bootloader.ghi” file, then “G120 Firmware.ghi” file, it is correct ?

@ Bauland -

From GHI document.

If you need to update the loader, it should always be done before updating the firmware

Finally, I success to make it works:

I use teraterm to update bootloader:
[ol]Switch LDR0 and LDR1 and reboot mainboard then revert all switches to OFF.
Launch TeraTerm, create connexion then setup serial port (115200, 8 bit data, parity: none, stop: 1 bit, flow control: none)
Press V to see version and check if communication is working
Press X (uppercase) to start transfer, then xmodem, send …
Select bootloader.ghi file AND SELECT 1K[/ol]
Then in FEZ Config (it may be a way with teraterm too, but don’t know how !)
[ol]Select Advanced Menu -> Loader updater
In tinybooter file, select firmware.ghi file
Leave default hex file, and next ![/ol]
Now I can deploy my first program in Fez Spider II, and set mainboard led on ! :whistle:


@ Bauland - I always get error message when I’m flashing the firmware using FEZ Config. There is interrupt that make the process stopped.

  • FezConfig does not work with TinyCLR, at least for now, until this tool is updated.
  • MFDeploy may not work with TinyCLR. You may see device friendly name in MFDeploy, but communication is very limited.
  • New tool will replace them in future. But for now, using TeraTerm is simple way.

Use TeraTerm:

    • Hold LDR0 and LDR1
    • Press then release the RESET button
    • Bootloader 1.0 is now active.
    • From TeraTerm menu, Select FILE->TRANSFER->XMODEM->SEND
    • In browsing file window, select 1K at the bottom.
    • Select: G120 Bootloader.2.0.2.ghi.
    • Wait for transferring is completed.
    • Reset the board.

After those steps are done, Bootloader 2.0 now is active. To enter Bootloader 1.0 again, just follow step 1-> 3 above.
If G30 or G80, don’t need to care about Bootloader 2.0, it is already in device.

Once Bootloader 2.0 is uploaded, your device is ready to accept TinyCLR 0.2.0 firmware.

  • Repeat step 1 to step 5 above, with a difference in step 1, now only LDR0 is used.
  • At step 6, select G120.ghi (or G30/G80.ghi).
  • Wait for transferring is completed.
  • Reset your board.
  • The Device is ready to deploy TinyCLR application through VS2017.

Edit: Important thing between step 4 and 5 is:



@ Dat -

Please remove this post if I am wrong.

I was having a problem with error message when sending a command then Y. It was because I had Tera Term New-line Transmit set wrong.

Version 2.0+
G30, G80, G400, F20, and ALCAM use this version of the bootloader
All commands and results are terminated with CR and LF (\r\n). <<<
“OK.” will be sent after each successful command.

Version 1.0+
Currently the EMX, G120, and G120E use this version of the bootloader.
All results are terminated with LF (\n). <<<

You will receive error if CR+LF or LF is not set properly.

@ Dat - It could be a good thing to add these informations on releases notes of TinyClr, I think !

Commands can be terminated by ‘\r’ or ‘\n’.
Results are terminated with CR and LF ("\r\n").

other than that, look like you are correct!