Fez Spider Failed Firmware Update - Device Not Responding


Very new to this. Is there is a way to reset the Fez Spider mainboard to factory default settings without using the Fez config tool?

I just setup my Fez Spider 1.0 main board. It was connected to my pc via USB.

While running a firmware update, the reset button was pressed by accident.

Now the mainboard is no longer available in Device Manager and I can’t connect to it with the Fez Config tool. I receive the error “Failure - Device is not connected or not responding.”

Is there any way to manually reset to factory default firmware or will I need to send my main board back?

Thanks in advance!

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Please let us know what device you can see in Device Manager when you boot your device with different DIP switch settings. That will tell us what state your device is in.

I have the same problem,
My computer is re-installed to Win 8.1.
So I need to re-install netmf and GHI’s SDK.
After I install the latest GHI’s SDK,
I see EMX in Device Manager but my computer can’t find my spider anymore.
Even I remove the driver and re-install, not work.
I try all day long, not work…
Finally, I down to NETMF and Gadgeteer Package 2014 R1 and use GHI Legacy NETMF USB Drivers, then it work.

My laptop is Acer S7 64bit and Windows8.1

Update of loadbooter doesn’t work on win 8.

When I said “doesn’t work” I would say it could not work. Try with win 7.

Thanks Brett!

I was able to get things working again by going to Advanced >> Loader (TinyBooter) Update >> FEZ Spider then followed the directions to update then reset the device.

It is now being detected by my compute via USB.