Fez Spider Ethernet DOES NOT Work (per YOUR instructions)!

This is TOTALLY unacceptable. I’ve read posts about people having problems with this or that ONCE it’s working, but getting it working in the first place is rediculous. Here’s as much info I can give you about the process (one of many, btw). I also want to mention that I have rebooted after every step AND applied Windows Updates each time.

  1. Uninstalled everything relating to .net, .netmf 4.1 and .netmf 4.1 and 4.2

  2. Installed .net framework 4.5

3 Installed VS Studio Express (as per YOUR WEBSITE and installation software) which says specifically says VS2012. In the process I got an error message from Microsoft complaining that VS2012 is NOT compatible with Windows 7. I applied the patch they recommended.

  1. Installed dotNet 4.3 SDK (RTM).

  2. Installed NETMF and Gadgeteer Package 2013 (R2)

First of all, where do I set the static IP address for the board. I can’t ping it from a command window. That’s not you’re site anywhere. Second, how do I get my ethernet module running. It’s run in the past, so it had the CORECT IP address. HUH! YOUR software never gave me a chance to set it. Somewhere in your older version I had to change the switched on the board. Not now I guess.’

This is all per YOUR INSTRUCTIONS on the website!!! Now let’s try to ping something… NOTHING. MFDeploy sees it (the IP address it had months ago), the old version of Fez_Config_v13 sees it, but I can’t ping it from a command window.


Networking works. You may see some comments from users work older SDK but latest works.

We are here to help, almost 24/7. Just ping with a question and we will gladly help.

So before we dig into networking, are you able to load applications on your device? Like did you follow the first project tutorial? There are 2 of them for netmf and for gadgeteer.

The documentation is a bit misleading as it was updated faster than the sdk coming in couple days, which includes FEZ config.

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Forgot to say welcome to the community.

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Here is s beta for the config tool but you should switch to the new one that is included in the coming sdk


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Ethernet on FEZ Spider works great for me. Which Module you use for it?

Gus, thanks for getting back so quick. I’m using the Ethernet J11D. Us old guys like to “Ping” stuff from a command window to check before proceeding, ya know.

It will not work til you run some proper code first. I suggest you step back and use the guide.

@ AlphaMike - Since i am not related to GHI i think that i can express that your behavior is quiet inappropriate. GHI is always doing their best to help and assist.

Lets try to respect one and another.


@ RobvanSchelven - You’re right. My frustration did come across quite disrespectfully. However, with hardware and software so dependent on one another, documentation is critical. I’m speaking from personal experience (and failure in some cases :slight_smile:

I’m very sorry for the tone of my post. I just want to get the thing up and running. Ya know?

I do want to say that I love the platform, and will continue to do whatever it takes to make that happen.

Kindest regards,


@ AlphaMike - I understand your frustration very well and can understand the abrupt explosion. Glad you realized it yourself afterwards. Let us know if we can be of any help.

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@ AlphaMike -

We absolutely agree! If you find areas that are mis-leading or wrong, please let us know. We may not get to it the next day, but we have a nice tracker to make sure they aren’t forgotten

@ AlphaMike, welcome to the forum, and as Jeff said he has a long list of doco updates he’s working on. We’ll always try to help out and bridge any gaps too - being one of those old guys, I realise how important Ping is too :slight_smile:

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