Fez spider driver problem

i cant connect fez spider II with visual studio and fez config what is the problem

I install programs like this link.

I think my problem with the driver or config pins.

have u got idea ?

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Hi, welcome to the forum,
Are you sure you have the Power Module connected to the right Socket?

Sorry for late reply bc. of I’m new member Thnx for ur answer.

I connect the power module first 8th pin after that 1st pin anything change.

1-)which socket is true for serial or and usb;
2-)https://www.ghielectronics.com/uploads/doc/item/2437_large.jpg are switch correct with lined red ?
3-)Have any video totarial for driver setup ?

Thanx for ur answer and sorry for my little english :slight_smile:

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As a Power Module you can use the red coloured modules USB Client DP, USB Client EDP or USB Client SP.
The power module has to be connected to socket 1.
The Module USB Serial SP can not be used (as far as i know)
The board should connect to FEZ Conifig even if the firmware of the mainboard is not the actual Firmware.

thx for your answer i try to connect usb Client DP module to pin 1 and the driver installed now i can see g120 module in device manager but vs2013 have error Error 15 An error has occurred: please check your hardware.

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problem solved my w’ndows language must be english thnx ur answers again

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