Fez-Spider dont work

I have a problem with my new FezSpider, when I plug it on my Win XP PC recognize “GHI BootLoader Interface(COM10)” without error, but when i try update firmware with “FEZSPider Firmware Updater” return “No Responce from device”; so i tried connect with Hyperterm and download TinyBooter File, but when i try to RUN Firmware return “Bad Firmware”. I tried all way… reinstal usb driver, use a Win/7 Pc… nothing… dont work! can someone help me? Thank you.

Software installed:
Visual C# 2010 Express
.Net MF v4.2
GHI SDK v4.2

Sorry for my bad english.

yes… only USB Client DP module obviously

“bad firmware” implies you need to re-extract the firmware, perhaps reinstall the GHI SDK, because the firmware file is somehow damaged. The last instance I can remember of that was when someone overwrote the file by doing a “receive” from the teraterm app.

Given the error message, I honestly think comms is working OK and we should get a new firmware onto it.

how can I download good firmrware?

no hub… is plugged directly and i tried all usb port, but i think PC have an internal HUB

How can I?

download from GHI again.

I tried with GHI FEzSpider Firmware updater… same error… “No responce from device”

I tried on various machine… WinXP, Win7(64bit) Laptop, Win7(32bit) Desktop… nothing… I do not understand where I’m wrong. How I have to set the dip switch?

I just had the same problem with my Cerberus and fixed it about 30 minutes ago. I had to do a full wipe and reload the TinyBooter (the STDFU File Tester piece) then the firmware. I think something got screwed up on it at some point and corrupted the internal firmware.

I don’t have a spider, but I think the Spider version of the guide I used on my Cerb is: http://wiki.tinyclr.com/index.php?title=Firmware_Update_EMX

Loader position


Step 1 - you need a new copy of the firmware files !!! Please reinstall the GHI SDK so you can get a clean copy of the firmware files, then go through the manual install procedure and be really careful about uploading the firmware and capturing screen shots of device manager at different points of the update process.

@ ale_zenigata - Just to air on the side of caution, could you set your Locality settings in windows to English? There is a known issue in Visual Studio relating to NETMF when using any other locality, but it may extend to other NETMF software.

Ok I download GHI SDK again, and i tried again…

I have a Italian Windows XP… it’s a problem? i need an English version?

@ ale_zenigata - Not necessarily, please refer to 草莓app软件官网下载_草莓app色_草莓app色板_草莓app色版 for instructions on how to change the setting in Windows. Sorry for the off-the-wall website, however, this is a much simpler version of MSDN’s info.

ok I changed regional setting to United State, only Unicode I can change now because i need the XP CD… but dont work. Do you think i have to change it also?