FEZ Spider design costs

Hello. I have a question.

Let’s say I have made a good marketable product using FEZ Spider and want to sell it.
Is there a page where I could find more information such as:
how much the printed board would cost?
how much each module would add to the final cost?
how many units is the minimum order?

Thank you guys.

Hi Eric7,

no standard rates, Gus keeps saying if you need custom quotes head on over to their website and contact them via Contact Us – GHI Electronics and they can do everything if you need if you want them to. Of course if you’re just talking about raw devices and sensors in quantities, then that too can be done.

If you’re only producing a few, you might want to stick with the normal modules and mainboard. If you were producing a lot, then you would go for a custom board. Gus recently taught me that you need to be producing a LOT in order to make a custom board cost-effective (unless you’re constructing the board on your own).

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Is this another one of those questions that “If you ask how much it will cost, you can’t afford it?”. :slight_smile:

I’ve made my own boards in very short runs (just a few), and it’s quite cost effective. When you get into runs that are too big to do at home, however, but still less than thousands, you’re going to need some help. I’d ask Gus.

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Thanks for the replies.
I ask because I read in the introduction manual by Gust that it would be more cost effective(and less bulky) to have a manufacturer make your device instead of purchasing the prototyping kits for each new one.
As for not being able to afford it, we have capital. We usually make tailored software but we have been looking at introducing custom hardware devices into our systems. That’s why I asked how many units is the minimum.

I will contact them with more specific details once I have the prototype ready.

Thanks for the info :wink:

Which manual? Maybe we can add more info to it.

It’s the free PDF titled “NET Gadgeteer Ultimate Guide”. I probably have an outdated edition since it has some missing pictures.