FEZ Spider + CP7 display - display suddenly white

Hi all,

I have deployed a FEZ Spider + CP7 display for some months now. Suddenly the display is white all over. It seems to be something within FEZ Spider. If I connect the CP7 display to another FEZ Spider it works just fine.

Any suggestions where to look for on FEZ Spider? The software is still running fine, I can tell that from the way it is communicating with other devices. It’s just the display being white all the time? Can’t imagine FEZ Spider is defective since it was just ‘sitting in the box’ all the time.


Did you try changing the cables?

I left the cables on the CP7 display.
The display works fine with FEZ Spider A but stays white with FEZ Spider B.

Is there anything that I can measure in some way?

How are you powering the board? Are you using a power extender module on the display?

Would it be worth while to reload the firmware? Maybe the stored device configuration got corrupted.

James and Mike, thanks for your suggestions.

Today I upgrade my development system to the latest firmware (V and updated both TinyBooter and firmware. Did that using the new FEZ Config tool. Great tool, now I only need a few clicks to update my FEZ. Thank you GHI!

Unfortunately, the CP7 display still shows white only when connected to FEZ Spider A, where is work fine when it’s connected to FEZ Spider B.

Is there anything I can do to make things more clear or does this mean FEZ Spider A was damaged in some way? This thought frightens me a bit as it has only been used for 1 month, housed in a box with only the CP7 being touched by the customer.

Any suggestions?

@ JdV - Are in the USA? If so then it maybe easier to just get an RMA and we will test it for you.

Unfortunately I’m in the Netherlands.

Just to make sure it isn’t a power issue I ordered a Power Extender Module today, expecting it tomorrow. Let you know the results.

Last Friday I received my Power Extender Module and used it with CP7 display. With the module connected the CP7 is allright, without the module the CP7 stays white.

Does this mean the CP7 cannot be used without the $26.95 Power Extender Module?

Check all cables going to the display and already use a powered USB hub.

In the setup without the Power Extender Module I used the USB Client DP module with 12V DC input adapter. Shouldn’t that module be able to drive FEZ Spider + CP7 display?

Loading new firmware will disable the display, which results in a white screen. Have you have loaded a simple Gadgeteer program, with the display added with the Gadgeteer designer, and deployed the program? This will cause the display to be enabled.

@ JdV - I have used it with a power pack. It worked fine. However it is near the limits if you add the power needed.