Fez Spider and OpenCV

Does anyone has experience using OpenCV on any Gadgeteer device?
Is it doable?
Some examples would be useful.

There are examples of some image processing functions on codeshare. OpenCV has more than 500 functions. I think it would help if you can describe what you have in mind. We might be able to help better if we know what you are trying to achieve.

I want to detect lines with camera module and follow them, and detect objects like tennis balls and grab them.

twospoons implemented the Hough circle transform. That should get you started on detecting the balls.


Is Spider powerful enough to do this kind of calculation in real time, or it needs to stop take picture analyze and then proceed?

IT’s able to do it in real time, depending on how “real” you expect this (I’m guessing it’s not FPS is SPF). These are not PC powered devices, they’re Mhz-speed, and netmf is not “real time”.

HI macaroni,
I m searching to resolve the same issue right now.

I’ve made some test with a windows mobile camera sending data via bluetooth to our FEZ.

I m hoping to have better image than the one i could have with camera directly controlled by the board.

Are you also in the eurobot competition?

No, I am not in any kind competition, I am doing this for my own pleasure. I am thinking of maybe taking picture from spider and send it to the pc via wifi or bt for procesing and then pc decide what to do and send back the command.
But I am not sure what frame rate are we talking about. Will it send a picture every few seconds or will it be able to stream video feed?

No to video. Never going to get enough bandwidth on a general processor like this to support transferring that amount of data from a camera via the processor and then to a UART or other connection. I suspect it’s more likely to be a shot every few seconds especially if you’re reverting to serial to communicate

Which is better solution for lets say tennis ball detection, to implement some kind of picture processing on spider itself, or to send bmp picture via wifi/bt to pc to do it instead?

Which one is going to be faster?

Have you already done good tests on your spider board? I also need to detect lines in a picture for my master thesis. My pictures have a resolution of 160x120. I’m thinking to use the RLP function of the spider to do the calculations.