FEZ Spider and DMX

Hi there,

i want to control a DMX-Light with 5 Channels, with the FEZ Spider.

I’m fairly new with this. I have a working System with an Arduino,

but don’t know how to build and connect the DMX with the Spider. As far as i understood, i should be able to send realtime Signals with the Watchdog?

And where to get the Hardware for an Interface?

Hope somebody knows more than me :smiley:


Welcome to the community.

What is " DMX-Light with 5 Channels"?

Something like this :


DMX is a light-controlling protocoll. I heard Tom Bartindale build such a module

This would be pretty cool to make. I do not know anything about this protocol so I couldn’t answer this question. Maybe provide us some specifications.

There is a Project, for Arduino:

its in German, but the schematics and code should be multilanguage :slight_smile:

specifications for the protocol could you find in wikipedia (“DMX”)

I don’t know where to start with the conversion from arduino shield to fez module

Does the light or DMX protocol have some kind of datasheet that explains how it work (regardless of what you actually use for hardware to control it)? Looks like fun!

@ ransomhall

Maybe this might help?


That should be a bit better:

Sometimes I hate this community! I really do not have time for this but DMX seems so cool I ended up spending $400 on some gear and I plan on making it work with FEZ.

It looks like it is rs485 so should be very easy.

@ Gus,

You don’t hate this community…your bank account, OTOH, and your free time…well that’s a different matter… :wink:

@ Gus, if you help me out, which ports i could use to send the necessary data i would try to build a hardware and test it with coding the watchdog :slight_smile:

but… what do you spend 400$ for? :smiley:

or where can i find more information about the spider board?

You know that was a joke right :slight_smile: I spend more time on this forum than I spend with my wife :o

whoops, slow one here :wink:

I figured it was because you just busted your laptop. So let us know when you get a room ready to rave in with this thing :dance:

I spent $400 on few DMX lights, cables and controller.

It is easy, just send a sequence of 512bytes of level/channel data to update all lights. The only tricky part is to send the longer sync signal with a standard uart before each sequence.

on which port… ? And how in a event-driven environment? :o

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