Fez Raptor Power Up and connect to pc

Hi, i bough a fez raptor and about 10 more modules the last year.I didn’t have enough time to play with these toys. I decided to power up the raptor and connect it to pc like my cerbuino bee today, and i realized that there is no power slot on the board or even seria.usb to power up the board. After i connected the serial usb module to the board and tried to connect it to pc, but with no success.

Should i use a USB Client DP Module to power up the fez raptor board? Is it the only way to power up the board and acces it for debugging and firmware update?

Any gadgeteer board (black) will require a power module (red) to work.

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:-[ thank you. I’ve bought the almost everything except the red power module ((

@ Alex Bilityuk - sorry about that. I always recommend to start work one of the kits.

Hi Gus, seeing as a few people have been caught out with that one, how about a BIG RED “YOU NEED THIS TOO” on the webpage for the boards that need the module so that people are aware of it. I know that under the Relate Products it lists it but there is no notification that the board will work without it.


+1. Even those of us that should know better have made that mistake before :’(

@ Gus -
No problem. Module is coming in a couple of days…
I think Dave is right about the “RED WARNING”