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FEZ Raptor Availability


Not sure whether this is the correct part of the forum to post this in, but I was wondering when it was likely that the FEZ Raptor would be back in stock. I was about to pull the trigger on a system with pretty much all the modules you have last night but got side tracked, wake up this morning to find it is out of stock with no back order…


It’s a great place to post !

I can be pretty confident in saying GHI will wake up shortly and see this post and make sure they have some more somewhere in the production line. They have a lot of in-house manufacturing (although not PCBs) so there is less lead time than you’d think. The Raptor is new so it’s in pretty heavy demand !


The catalog entry for the Raptor says “Out of stock More by Nov 5, 2013”. What more is there to say? :open_mouth:


Maybe the date was just added recently.


:’( :-[

The red faced emoticon does not work! :-[