FEZ Raptor Availability

Not sure whether this is the correct part of the forum to post this in, but I was wondering when it was likely that the FEZ Raptor would be back in stock. I was about to pull the trigger on a system with pretty much all the modules you have last night but got side tracked, wake up this morning to find it is out of stock with no back order…

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It’s a great place to post !

I can be pretty confident in saying GHI will wake up shortly and see this post and make sure they have some more somewhere in the production line. They have a lot of in-house manufacturing (although not PCBs) so there is less lead time than you’d think. The Raptor is new so it’s in pretty heavy demand !

The catalog entry for the Raptor says “Out of stock More by Nov 5, 2013”. What more is there to say? :open_mouth:

Maybe the date was just added recently.

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