Fez Raptor - 4 PWM's - PWM_3 the 4th PWM - How to access this?

Hi all, this is sort of a continuation of this thread: https://www.ghielectronics.com/community/forum/topic?id=16038

I purposely bought a Fez Raptor because it is supposed to have 4 PWM’s on it. As did the Hydra… Long storey…

Pins 7, 8 and 9 on X18 are PWM_0, 1 and 2 and these pins work fine.

Pin 9 on X16 is supposed to be PWM_3 - This is the 4th PWM referred to here:


Also the specs say 4 PWM’s here: https://www.ghielectronics.com/catalog/product/499

This code:

PWM  PWM_3 = new PWM(Cpu.PWMChannel.PWM_3, 50, 0.5, false);

Is not triggering Pin 9 on X16 which according to the schematic is supposed to be PWM_3

Any ideas?

Please don’t tell me the same as I was told with the Hydra.

P.S: Raptor is a VERY Cool Board!

@ ChrisO - I did run a test and that PWM worked fine on my Raptor. If you have the LCD configured, it might be interfering. I would erase the application that’s on there and redeploy the firmware using FEZ Config. Run the program below and it should work. I verified it with an oscilloscope.

        public static void Main()
            var pwm = new PWM(Cpu.PWMChannel.PWM_3, 50, 0.5, false);


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Hi John,

I have done all the Firmware and so on.

Can you confirm Pin 9 on X16 is the correct pin?

I will re-apply the firmware and also check LCD.

Will let you know how I go


Hi All,

Ok, my bad - X16 was set in the Program.Gadgeteer with my LCD Char_Display. Right Clicking and selecting Connect all Modules and not paying attention where they are being connected is my mistake.

I moved the LCD Char_Display to X9.

This obviously stopped the PWM from working.

GHI, Raptor is your best Board Yet. Very Nice!!!

If I may make one suggestion, its a bit big, seems that the G400 is this tiny board in the middle but all this board around the outside and not much on it other than a few buttons and DC Converters.

Working perfect for me now - Thanks John!

@ ChrisO - It was designed to be the same mounting size as our 4.3 display.

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