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Dear GHI,

I’m part of an association which deal with robot, electronic and so on.

The guys are fond of Arduino, but me, being a “microsoft evangelist”, I’m fond of FEZ stuff…

Question 1:
Do you have any “powerpoint presentation” or "kind of “presentation stuff” to give me in order to make
a good presentation, capabilities of your products ?

Question 2:
Have you any “visual studio” Solution of all the sample you provide in your Ebook to avoid copy/paste from Pdf file and to ease some “real” demonstration of what could be done with FEZ ultimate Kit (let’s say for instance - mine is on its way to my home))



We have some material and live demos we use usually but nothing generic to hand out to you. If you need something specific then GHI (and probably the community) should be able to help.


it’s not that I need something specific, but a powerpoint should be great in order to show what can be done with FEZ product line. Of course, I could create this presentation by using stuff available in the different pdf documents you provide but, if something has already been done, I’d rather not do it again.

Concerning the visual studio solution, don’t you have a sln that you could give to the community ?

I mean, we have lot of sample in the ebook for the ultimate fez kit but, it could be easier to provide a visual solution instead of just giving screenshot of the entire code…


We purposely do not provide this… new SDK … new NETMF… new VS…many reasons on why a sln will be outdated and unusable in couple months.



There are tons of videos that created by the members of this community (’s_Videos
And many of them related to robot stuffs, and how to stuffs.
You should be able to use these videos in your Power Points Presentations. (with the credits)


I agree with all the available stuff…

It’s just that being kind of lazy, I’d better take what could be available instead of building my “own” demonstration of some things that can be done…

I think I have to work a little bit…

And maybe, if I could find a nice “GHI” powerpoint template, make it looks better than using the usual default template stuff…