FEZ Powered 'Ghost Detector'

My daughter and I were just watching a show about ‘paranormal’ things in the Ozarks (which is the area of the country in which we live.) It was both funny and embarrassing to see these people running around with EMF meter and little boxes that spit of random words thinking they are detecting ghosts. I did a quick web search and was astounded by the number of ‘ghost detectors’ being sold. I guess it is true that there is a sucker born every minute.

It got me thinking though…it is Halloween season here in the USA and maybe what we need is a FEZ powered ghost detector. Just put a bunch of flashing LEDs on it, have it make random beeps and bloops and some kind of technical looking display on a LCD and people would probably buy them by the millions. It might b e a fun contest for next year to see who can build the best FEZ powered ghost detector.

Ha! Nice idea. NOt sure I would want the liability associated with selling any, unless there was a BIG disclaimer on them. I would be willing to go as far as actually hooking up some sensors that looked for some “paranormal signature”. What kind of bogus detector can we invent for something like that? Maybe it’s time to re-watch Ghost Busters for some inspiration. P.K.E. Meter | Ghostbusters Wiki | Fandom gives details.

Sounds like a bad idea. What if someone is killed by a poltergeist and it turns out you sold them a faulty ghost detector.
Seems like a liability.

I’d like to see that case in a court lol.

@ Farsa - Judge Judy, Ghostbusters theme in the background - would make good daytime telly :smiley:

What if all the ghosts you found sued for harassment?

@ Jeff_Birt - The American law system is a mystery to me… :smiley:

DR. 9 has a valid point, with the structuring of the law and the fact that no one can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that ghost do or do not exist, if you produce a fake device without proper disclosure, you are leaving yourself open to a hefty lawsuit in the event that anything goes wrong beyond explanation. All of the devices that are for sale are real devices that serve a real purpose and the outcome is based on a realistic reading, however most of these devices are based on junk science and there are thousands of other explanations for why the device had such an output at the time of reading. I personally believe in ghosts as I’ve had more than my fair share of encounters and to this day continue to do so, however I am a huge skeptic when it comes to the devices themselves as they can report a reading from a natural fluctuation in the surrounding EMF.

I really like the idea of the device, just make sure the buyer knows it is simply a gag device to cover yourself. Remember, in the US you have to put a “Do Not Eat” sticker on the back of LCD screens that go into your car…can anyone guess why? :wink:

@ Justin - I think it is a mystery to most people even people living in the U.S…

@ Michael - lol

This has to be the most accurate statement I have ever seen lol. It seems that if you do not specifically state that you can’t do something, and a user does that thing you didn’t cover then they can sue you. It doesn’t matter how ridiculous it is (Like eating an LCD)

@ James - over here all food seems to be labeled “contains or may contain nuts”…talk about butt covering…

Yes, we have that too. On a package of Planter’s Peanuts: “This product has been processed on equipment that also processes peanuts” or “May contain peanuts”

Strange how a thread meanders from ghosts to peanuts…as you were…

You don’t see the relationship between ghosts and nuts? :slight_smile: