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Fez Powered Battery Charger (Nimh)


Hi all,

slowly getting back to NetMF and FEZ fun.

I gave my RC toys to my son and bought a new battery for the car.
The only available battery for that car was NIMH type.

I could buy also a battery charger off the shelf, but whats the fun in doing so.

So I decided to build a charger myself, and no, not a simple one, but a FEZ controlled one.
It should stop charging the battery when the battery is fully charged.

I allready found some schematics on the i-net, but I was wondering if anyone did something similar and have some good tips.



There’s a community creation -

Have you looked the Adafruit chargers? There’s a good bit of info to be gleaned from there, imo.


Thanks mhectorgato,

but that link is more about Li-Ion and LiPo’s including the info at adafruit.
I’m interested in NIMH.


If by building your own, you mean creating your own circuit, then Microchip have a number of different battery charger IC’s for the different chemistry’s.


Gotcha - missed that