FEZ Panda price and pre-order

That was our Robert that needs to be cloned. I guess we need to clone everyone :o

Why clone people when you can build robot underlings to do your bidding for you. Lets see a robot robert! Robots can pack things better than humans can… just ask Amazon :stuck_out_tongue:

Hire more staff?? :slight_smile:

That’s not the solution…When you have a problem, throwing labor at it doesn’t fix it!

Just send me mine, and all will be well… :-[

Mike in MN

This is not the solution either :hand: Sending mine would better solve the problem, I think :whistle:

Btw, on the Panda page, it says [italic]“expected to ship by October 1st.”[/italic], so Robert has some time left :wink: Maybe the only drawback will be that he won’t have enough saliva to paste all the stamps?