Fez Panda II

I saw that DFRobot had discontinued the fez panda II, but had mistakenly left the “add to cart” enabled, at a price of $0… so I “bought” 2 of them for 0$ (they listed 3 in stock)

I was hoping I would get free hardware!

Alas, DFRobot emailed me and said they made a mistake allowing the “add to cart” for it (at 0$)

but… they did say they found 2 final Panda II’s in their warehouse, and would sell them for $26 each if I wanted.

I don’t really have a need… but I thought I would let people know that there are 2 that exist for sale there. - if someone is looking for one. I don’t know if GHI itself has a stash - so this might be pointless information.

Oh we have a panda, just not a panda :wink:

I love my Panda II. Maybe it’s because it was my first, but I still love it.

@ godefroi - What has been your favorite project to use it for?

:think: Do you have three panda???

Almost all of my hardware interfacing experimentation has been with it, because it’s a really convenient form factor; with easy-access GPIOs (I use the little jumper wires over to a breadboard), and lots of built-in stuff (especially with the FEZ Connect shield I picked up in the clearance sale), it’s really easy to prototype just about anything.

I believe that someday it may find a permanent home, possibly in a monitoring project in my garage (ambient temp+humidity, water tank temp, water tank heater control, and garage door status), but that is still to be determined.