Fez panda ii

I have a query on the LED shown in FEZ panda schematics.

As per the schematics IO 69 (Pin # 26) connects to R1 (1.5K resistor pulled up to Vcc) and R22 (330 Ohm to the anode of the LED).

From the LPC datasheet i could see that this pin (Pin # 26) doesn’t requires any external pull up where as some pins requires external pull to access the output function.

Can anyone tell me the function of R1 resistor ?

So the LED is on even with processor not running, power indication.

If that is the case it is just needed to connect to Vcc only right? What is the function of IO69 then? And in this case LED will be ON all the time whtaever be the logic coming out of IO 69

It is a dual function led. If the software does not make the IO an output then R1 pulls it up and the led is faintly on. If the software makes the IO pin output then setting the pin HIGH will make the led brighter, setting it LOW will turn the led off…

Thanks GMod.I will give a try by changing te IO pin status.