FEZ Panda II - RTC Resolution - Time Stamping

What is the resolution of the RTC for the FEZ Panda II? Can it be used for time stamping events?

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What kind of the resolution are you looking for?

millisecond if possible.

Generally you do not use the RTC for timestamping. The RTC is a hardware feature, and used for saving time across reset and power loss.

After the system is booted, you load the system clock from the RTC. From then on, you use the system clock.

The Ticks property of the DateTime.Now property contains the system time in 100 nanosecond increments. Is that fine enough granularity?



If you are looking for ms of resolution then I would say yes: RTC allows to time stamp events at this resolution and you will be able to say if event A occurs before event B even if B occurs 1ms only after A.
But if you want to log with 1ms of accuracy I would say that this will be very difficult due to the fact that CLR is not a realtime OS. Am I wrong?

Thanks for the quick responses.

BTW, generally responses on the forum are within seconds or minutes, not milliseconds.