FEZ Panda II (Rev 1.3) TinyCLR Firmware Upgrade

Does anyone know where to find the step by step instructions for upgrading the firmware for a FEZ Panda II (Rev 1.3) to TinyCLR 0.5?

I’d like that as well!

If you mean the FEZ Panda III (3), take a look at http://docs.ghielectronics.com/hardware/loaders/ghi_bootloader.html#loading-the-firmware. The FEZ Panda III is based on the G80 and you can enter the bootloader by pressing LDR0 as you apply power to the board.

If you mean the FEZ Panda II (2), there is no firmware currently available for it.

Currently I only have the FEZ Panda II. Old, but it’s what I’ve got right now.

A little bird told me you need the coming 0.6 release. Let’s hope this bird is not messing with me :slight_smile:

Sees this:

Gets excited!
Realizes it’s just a placeholder for when it goes live.
(Best Homer impression) Doh!

Does this little bird know when 0.6 may be released?

This week :nerd:

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