Fez Panda II not detected after computer reboot

Hey guys,

I ran into a problem where my Fez Panda was not detected and my device manager would show it as an unknown device after I reboot my computer.

I found that the device will be detected again once I disconnect then reconnect the usb but this is troublesome since I have my panda connected to the internal usb on the motherboard; therefore, I have to open up my computer every time I reboot. Preferably, I’d like to keep it there without having to reconnect it every time I restart my computer.

I was hoping to find out if there was any way around this or if anyone knew why my panda was undetected after reboot.

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.

Panda living inside your pc?! Nice. Would love to hear more about this project.

Does panda work if connected to a hub after reset?

No, the panda still goes to being an unknown device when connected to the hub.

I even tried allowing the system to fully shut down and then restarting the pc, cause I thought maybe the panda was still powered during the short restart but I was still unable to keep the panda detected.

Man, you guys reply fast lol.

thanks a lot.

EDIT: just an update, we’ve also tried using a new cord just in case that was the problem but the panda was still unrecognized on reboot

I wanted to add that I am also using a CDC VCOM on my code and I believe that part of the problem might be my code trying to initialize the VCOM during start up?

I am not completely sure, but my panda was detected normally when I commented out my fez terminal function initialization.

If this is the problem, is there a way around it?

EDIT: I added a 5 minute wait prior to initializing the CDC so the system will give me ample time to boot up and allow the start up programs to start before trying to initialize the CDC. This kind of solved my problem but I wanted to make it more dynamic and just wait till my system is logged in before it inits the CDC. I’d prefer something that will check for log in instead of a timer. Is there some more official way to do the handshaking?