FEZ Panda II LCD Options?

What are the options for LCDs?

I’m after something larger than the usual 2.x" touch. Perhaps somewhere around 4-6"

It is important to me that there is decent support behind whichever display I use, and I guess a nice LCD library would be nice.

If you need “Decent support” then you need to pick a FEZ with more RAM. Display (graphics) are very much RAM hungry.

I recommend that you get the Fez Cobra and one of these:


Are there any cheaper options that are well supported?

I have no need for touch screen.


“well supported” can mean many things. If you tell us what are your requirements and budget then we maybe able to direct you better.

See video here of FEZ Touch and Panda http://code.tinyclr.com/project/328/fez-touch-ui-controls/

Maybye these:

I wanted to create a reasonably attractive user interface. Things such as basic graphs are essential.

Are VGA displays an option?

Well I think that you should get the Fez Cobra. With the Panda you cannt directly load jpg,gif or bmp. With the Cobra you can and also I think you should take a look at Glide and WPF. Glide only doesn’t work on the Panda (it doesn’t support bmp).

As Gus mentioned, graphics = memory, and Panda II is very scarce in that regard. The Fez Touch is about the extent of what you can do. There is the Spiral software library (that’s cheap and therefore good value) but the restrictions will always be memory.

You really need an EMX based board (or above) or the Hydra, perhaps you could get away with Cerberus (I am not sure what it’s available memory will be like, I expect more than USBizi and less than EMX). But you couldn’t reasonably expect to run a larger display with a Panda.

You can buy the Cobra with an enclosure too. I am not sure about the Gadgeteer boards having enclosures.