Fez panda ii help

Hi All

I am new with the FEZ panda II, and netmf, but I am very familiar with C# I follow the instructions in Beginner’s Guide and made my first project LED blinking so when I run the project it not runing on FEZ PANADA II and I could’n Debug by the way I setup everything correctly same as the guide

Thank You

Solution Explorer, right click on your project, select properties.
Click tab .Net Micro Framework.
Set transport to USB and Device to USBizi_USbizi
press F5


I have done this step. But I think because I have download the new FEZ SDK and I updated my PC so there is a differents in the library assemblies version between my PC and FEZ PANDA II.
How can I update the FEZ PANDA II firmware?

Thank You

Using the USBizi updater: [url]http://www.ghielectronics.com/downloads/NETMF/USBiziUpdater.exe[/url] is the easiest way.

Hello, Fine now I updated FEZ PANDA II by the way I purchased FEZ Ulimate Kit and I am wondering if there is an examples on how to connect the electronic components to FEZ PANDA II

Thank you

An “example”?! There is a whole book full of examples :slight_smile: Have you seen it?

found it thank you