Fez Panda II Bootloader Missing

When I plug my Panda II into the USB, I receive the USB Device Not Recognized Error. When I press the Reset - LDR sequence (which normally takes me into the Bootloader), I get the same thing. Seems like the Bootloader is missing.

Is there a way to make the Bootloader appear? Am I doing something wrong? (Note that what I’m doing works fine on my other Panda IIs and takes me right into the Bootloader.)
Is there a way to verify the Bootloader is missing?
Is there a way to restore the Bootloader?
Other suggestions? How can I get this Panda II working again? (The board seems to be fine otherwise. The led is on and nothing is hot.) What else can I check?

Thanks for any suggestions. I’ve searched the web and the forum, but I haven’t found anything helpful.

Send ? symbol to UART0 and if you see “synchronized” back then it is blank

No but I doubt the boot loader would just disappear!

Yes, get USBizi100 chipset and replace it on your panda.

Also check the USB connector. I accidentally pulled the USB connector loose on a Domino and had problems with it coming up as an unknown device when I soldered the connector back on. I had to try re-soldering it a second time to get it working again.

I suggest that you try another USB port/Cable. Use external power if you are connecting to a USB port that does not provide enought power.

Thanks for the response, suggestions, answers, etc. Much appreciated!

Gus: How do I “send ?” to my Panda II if the USB is not seen by Windows? Is there another way to talk to the board?
If the Bootloader didn’t “just disappear”, how might I get it to come out of hiding? :wink:
Also, I was hoping there was a better answer than “buy another one”. How does GHI load the bootloader to begin with? Can the JTAG port be used?

Jeff/Joe: I should have mentioned that I’m using the same USB cable and port with two other Fez Panda IIs interchangeably. the other two work fine - both the normal mode and the Bootloader mode.

I was talking about the USB connector on the Panda 2. Check the solder joints.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Sadly, I checked the connector carefully and it looks just fine.

The boot loader should never get erased. More likely static have caused damage to the processor.

I was having a very similar issue with my Panda II board. Tried two computers, a powered USB hub and various USB cables without success with either the Boot Loader or deploying programs.

I was able to flash the Firmware once but only after numerous attempts and now I cant get it to work at all. I sent my board back, hopefully it will be replaced.

Two FEZ mini’s work OK on the same computers so pretty sure its the board.

This is always related to not having good power source. We look forward to seeing your board so we can check it. Almost 9 of 10 boards ship back to us as “not working” test just fine normally :slight_smile:

Yeah I did wonder if it was power supply related. I was relying on just the USB connection plugged directly into the computer. This always has been sufficient for other boards I have used (Adruino, FEZ mini) . For the Panda 2 is it necessary to also connect an external supply?

“require” one, no. I have used reliably my Panda II on a USB port, but I know it has a good power profile and I have a reliable cable. As Gus says, if you have those issues, it’s worth exploring alternate power sources as it’s the most likely problem.