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FEZ Panda II and Arduino ethernet shield


Hello everyone, a fairly long time ago I looked how to use the arduino ethernet shield with my FEZ Panda, and i found that i have to make some modifications to the shield to use it. Now i got a Panda II, and i want to use the same shield, and i thought that i have to make tha same adjustments, is that correct? … assuming that it is, the forum topic was deleted :frowning: … does anyone have that details?

tnx in advance :slight_smile:


Cross reference the Panda-II, Arduino, and the shield pinouts and it should be obvious.


Which shield do you have? Some use the ISP connector!

Welcome to the community?


I think he’s using this one…

I think this is the page he’s looking for but the wiki link is old…


IIRC, those use ISP header (bad idea) and they need to be wired to SPI.


hello Gus and ianlee :), yes i’m new :slight_smile: … the arduino shield i’m using is this one


by the way you are right ian, thats the link with the instructions … :frowning:


Ok good. This one should be using the SPI pins like it should. No modification is needed on it except it is better if you wire reset to an IO and control it on power up.

As for coding, panda uses old 4.1 software and the docs have change since then but this book still not updated yet

By the way, think more “gadgeteer” in the future. Things are better and easier.


Tnx :), but even the panda is like an overkill for what i’m doing (just controlling semaphore lights)