FEZ Panda...from prototype to production

Pre-Orders today??

Activate the button and show a Starter Kit, I will be fighting for the front of the line…

Mike in MN

woooooooooooooooooooooooooo!! :dance:

Nice screenshot, isn’t it ? :whistle:

Unfortunately, the “Add to cart” button doesn’t work :wall:

Nice image and you had already set a price for it :smiley: Just so this joke is not take seriously by others, please add a little note indicating that you have hacked in the image please :wink:

Sat down, clicked to the Panda, no button yet, clicked to the forum seen that pic, went back…That was a good one…

+5,000 to “Bec a Fuel”

Mike in MN

Awww Bec I just jumped when I saw that, shame on you! :smiley:

Done :wink:

Tension is at its peak! Now every little move around this Panda will generate huge reactions ! :smiley:

Sorry guys for this joke :-[ I also hoped it was in stock and at this (low) price…

It is in stock (few) and it is low price but have to be very careful as GHI has to study price and lead-time very well. I know we always joke around on the forum but new users may not knwo what is going on and things can be taken the wrong way :slight_smile:

I still think your joke is hilarious and I love it.


I thought it was funny…I am sure you couldn’t resist seeing all of us waiting in anticipation.

My only regret is that I didn’t think of it…lol… :smiley:

Mike in MN

Hahahaha Bec and his jokes :smiley:

Gus, you’re right. Next time (because there will be others :whistle: ) I will be more careful on how I introduce the joke. :-[
I thought that my notice about the non-working link would have been enough.

[quote]I am sure you couldn’t resist seeing all of us waiting in anticipation.[/quote]Indeed !
I was thinking at users clicking on the screenshot then going back to the site and clicking feverishly on the Panda link :smiley:

Superb :smiley:

Open for pre-orders :slight_smile: [url]http://www.tinyclr.com/forum/14/882/[/url]