Fez Panda - CDC With Debugging Problems

I am using the code as written in the following link: [url]microframeworkprojects.com.

I run the code, and it gets to the point of ‘The debugging target is not in an initialized state; rebooting…’ and stops progressing. If I help it along rebooting by hitting the reset button, it continues, and the ‘CDC Interface (Virtual Com Port)’ shows up in the device manager. However, when I connect to it via TeraTerm, nothing shows up - it is not printing the message shown under ‘cdc.Write(bytes, 0, bytes.Length’, even though by creating a breakpoint, I can see that the code is running this line.

Any ideas?

Since a restart help you on the last post you made where you were unabling to comunicate with the bootloader I suggest you to restar your machine as the code should work…

Try step into the code (You must pause the execution and then continue) to check if its running.

Also, please see this from documentation:
Note: You might have error communicating with virtual COM ports if you dissconnect the USB cable while the COM port is open on your PC. You will need to disconnect the device and close the COM port. Then you can connect the USB device and re-open the COM port.

Thanks for the replies. If I try to break/pause while it says ‘rebooting…’ it give me the error: “Unable to break execution. The debugger is still attaching to the process or the process is not currently executing the type of code selected for debugging.”

If I wait longer, it just continues with the ‘rebooting…’ message indefinitely until I manually reboot it.

After rebooting my computer and resetting COM ports, TeraTerm is now receiving the message! I still have to do the manual button reboot, however, I do not have to pause and continue the execution to step into the code. It seems to be working, but if this is not right, I would like to correct it in case it has implications that I might not find out until later. Thanks,

I had the same issue concerning to reboot manually the Panda. It does not happen when not using CDC with debugging. Is it normal or is it a timming issue?

Its really a pain to manually reboot the Fez after play [italic]“The debugging target is not in an initialized state; rebooting…”[/italic]

I many times have same issue. I think I normally hit reset on panda and then re-run VS. I don’t seem to have to do that work around as much on domino.