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Fez panda 2 and webcam


hi, i want to connect a webcam to the panda fez 2 shield and i don’t know how to do that.
I have this camera :

I need an other camera ? Or can i use a usb adapter ? Or i need to separate usb wires and connect them to 5v, Gnd and than do a signal processing ?

I want to take picture with this camera ans save them on the micro-sd card.

Help me plz :-[


Welcome to the forum.

Attaching a USB camera is problematic:

The Panda does not have the necessary USB host connector. The chip on the Panda does support USB host, and there is an article in the Wiki on
how to do this. But, there are greater problems.

Webcam support is NOT included in the libraries for the USBizi devices. USBizi is chip family used on the Panda.

There is not enough memory to hold an entire image.

You could use a serial camera, but you would have to rapidly transfer the data to an external device.

Depending upon what type of video processing you want to do, it could be challenging on a Panda.

Bottom line? The USBizi devices are not good candidates for video input and processing.

You would want a device with more memory (MBs) and Premium library support. The Premium library includes the WebCam class.

The WebCam class supporst cameras that are UVC compatible. You would have to check if your camera supported this protocol.


Try EMX it is very easy with that board


Thanks for your answers. I will try to use fez panda 2 because i bought this card specially because I thought it could work.
I have also 2 arduino shield , i don’t know if it can help me.



So, i collected some informations with fez panda 2 shield, and i want to know if i can create image with this type of graph ?


Fez Panda II has limited memory. That means it doesn’t support the bitmap class directly - there are 3rd party “small bitmap” apps (Tinkr from our very own Skewworks) that help here, but fundamentally you’re not going to be easily able to do graphics.

Storing a few data points won’t be an issue; updating a graph is more problem. Of course, you could always pump that data out to say COSM with the internet shield and let it do the graphing?


but, if fez panda 2 save the graph info on the sd card, and than i put this card in my PC, i can have images i think.


yes, of course you can. But the way you asked the question you implied you wanted the Panda to do the graph, not just give you the data you wanted to graph some time later…


I’m a bit confused between the topic title “fez panda 2 and webcam”, logging data to SD and creating graph…

Can you explain what you want to achieve?


i connected webcam to panda fez 2, and i want, save the values given by the webcam on the sd card. Than put thise values in my PC and crate image.
but if it is possible, i want to do this just with the fez panda shield.

And, i want to know if there are some software which can create images with my values


We’ve been over the webcam - you cannot do it with Panda.


And, i want to know if there are some software which can create images with my values[/quote]



A minute ago you said you were going to take the values onto a PC to do that with.

It would really help if you articulated what you ABSOLUTELY want to do.


I still don’t understand what you want to achieve, take a step back from the practical workout and explain what you want to do.


@ Tirmit - The Panda II does not have support for a USB camera, which you are planning to use. It would be very difficult to make it work, if it is even possible.

Ignoring the facts will not make it possible.


ok, so i think it is impossible.
values = voltage given by webcam


But what are you try to measure???


@ Tirmit - What does this mean “values = voltage given by webcam”?


I think he’s suggesting that a picture is made up of voltages coming from the webcam.


a webcam give different voltages, and we can crate a graph of the video signal. Than normally after we can create a image with this values. : it is in French but there a some graph of video signal