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FEZ on Fire - Part 2, upgrading firmware


Feedback please. Is the pace OK, are the instructions good, etc? YouTube has again mangled the video and audio, the original f4v file looks so much better.


Exciting, can’t wait to see more :smiley:


MarkH, if you want some space to store the full f4v then I can help you with a ftp account on a real server. My mail is here : Contact


Thanks Bec, i have a number of hosting accounts myself. I used to have a couple of dedicated servers but when my electronics business went under during the GFC i had to cut them :frowning:

I’ve just begun registering a new trust/company for doing web/software development on the side (fine with my employer as long as it’s not competing) so i’m working on the new website - i only registered the domains/hosting yesterday hehe.

If anyone has suggestions for tutorials they would like to see, i’ll see how i can fit them into my plans :slight_smile:


Watched the first one. I thought it was good.

Can’t wait to see more tutorials. It’s what I do being a newbie, watch as many tutorials as I can.

Mike in MN

PS. Didn’t mind the computer voice at all. At least you could understand it… :slight_smile:


I can see that! ???
The voice stuttered a few times while I played the video.

I wish you would do the tutorial on "How to make a tutorial video."
It would be good for those who have no experience. So they can add the video on their project page.

And may be submitting their video for the contest in the future!
Right Guz? :smiley:


Unfortunately the training software i use costs a couple of thousand dollars so there isnt much point in doing a tutorial on it :frowning:


No, not the tutorial on the training software.
I mean, the tutorial on how to do or produce the video for a project, something like that.


Sorry Sam i’m not really understanding…

You mean a tutorial on the idea of making tutorials?

There is no video content in those videos lol. It’s all automatically captured as screenshots then the software puts in the bubbles. I edit the bubbles as the text it puts in generally isnt quite what you want, then i write a script for the audio, then record or generate audio for the simulation, and then finally you can mess with all the timings on things to make sure there is enough time for a user to see what’s going on. Then you run through it and note about a million things you need to change, then go back through it, edit, rinse, repeat.


Sorry! :frowning:
Since you always produce a lot of good quality tutorial. And thought that you might have good experience of producing a video. That’s why I asked for such a tutorial.

Thanks for the explanation of the process. Now I know!