FEZ music shield VS1053 demo software has empty song.mid file

I have downloaded the FEZ music shield Demo Software from TinyCLR-Code:

The file song.mid but is empty and contain zero bytes.

Should I use my own MIDI file ?
Which type of MIDI file do I need ?
Did this program play *.mid MIDI files ?
Did this program play also *.mp3 MP3 files ?
Is a conversion to NETMF necessary ?

I get no Audio output.

When I write my own testprogram part and trigger the function:

public void SineTest()

this makes a sinus output.
I can also adjust the volume with the volume function.

I got an audible output with the headphone and can
control the loudness, so the chip VS1053 seems OK.

I have just downloaded the midi file and it is working:

Sorry my fault, now I’ve got it now full of 22 kilobytes.
Also from the link in the TinyCLR-Code page.

Now I can hear the enormous sound.