FEZ Mini SD Card Expansion Module Schematics

Dear GHI,

Now that this item is no longer available from the store, would you be willing to put up the schematics or board files for this item so the public can make their own if needed?

Thank you!

That is an extremely simple board, even simpler if you make it.
Check your email, I sent it to you.

Wrong link.

The files Architect posted are for something else, discontinued 5 yeas ago! The ones I sent you are good to go.

Hello, I’m interested in the schematics too. Could someone please mail them to me.

What product do you own? Why do you need schematics for something discontinued so long ago?!

There are tons of new stuff and all have complete design files.

Welcome to the community.


I’m using an FEZ Mini because of its small size. The SD-Card Expansion would perfectly fit on the side of the board, so that it stays small.
I want to make a combination of GSM (Telit 863) + GPS + SD-Card.
The goal is a measuring device for BTS strength / availability combined with the Location.

The SD pins are found on the mini, from there you can connect any SD expansion board you find, like this one http://www.ghielectronics.com/catalog/product/271 we are also making a micro SD version in near future. The socket pinout is here GHI Electronics – Where Hardware Meets Software (F type)

Looking forward to that. I just bought my first SD module and my first impression was “holy cow that’s huge!”. I didn’t really study it before ordering since there really aren’t any other options…but I was working off the assumption it was the same card reader as the Panda-II uses. Wrong!

Funny how when SD cards came out we thought they were too small but now they are big if you are used to seeing micro SD cards. The new one is maybe a week away from being on catalog.


Any chance you can put .1" headers on your new module? That would make it easy to use with the Cerb40 as well as other boards like Panda and Mini.

The problem with using Gadgeteer modules together with non-Gadgeteer boards is that you generally require the module you want to use, plus a cable and an Extender/MakeBread module. If you had a 1x10 or a 2x5 header on .1" centers, you could easily use it with non-Gadgeteer boards.

For MicroSD, this is a particular problem, as 95% of the MicroSD breakouts available around the world are SPI-only, they don’t give you the other pins. GHI’s module is good quality, Gadgeteer compatible, and very reasonably priced. If it were a tiny bit more universal it would be perfect!

You can connect SD module, or any other module for that matter, to the extender module and this will give you all IOs on 0.1" header. Not cost effective but very nice way of reusing the module, which is what gadgeteer is about.

Right, but I’m thinking that if you put additional easy-to-use headers on the module, suddenly it’s pretty much the only actual SD breakout around. Most of the others I’ve found only break out the SPI pins. There’s a couple on eBay, but they’re sold from China, and they’re not cheaper than the GHI module.

AdaFruit -> $15, only SPI mode
LinkSprite -> $10, only SPI mode
Cytron -> $3.29 (plus >$9 shipping from RobotShop!)
SparkFun -> $10, only SPI mode