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FEZ Mini not visible in tera firm


I have the mini robot kit.

I installed the 32 bit auto installer for the drivers for the fez from the download pages. I also installed the tera term software.

The device shows up in my device manager when I plug in the USB cable. The MFDeploy application can find the device, pings it and gives me details when I query it. However, I cannot see the COM port in tera term.

The green led on the robot board is on steady. The red led on the FEZ mini is blinking.

I am running Windows 7.

Any ideas what the issue could be?



You need to get your Mini into bootloader mode. Hold down LDR and power cycle it.


Yah, I’d figured it out. I went back over my steps and realized my error. I used the restart button on the robot board to do the power cycle. Thanx for the reponse.