FEZ mini EAGLE Library

Hi all,
after looking around a little bit I have created a library component for the FEZ mini.

See it, download it, and use it free from: Gineer - TriRot.

Please let me know what you think.

Very nice but can you add it to the fez mini wiki page so this doesn’t get lost?

I would happely do that if someone could point to where the FEZ mini Wiki actually is.?!?

I’ll probably find it 2 seconds after I post this message :wink:

Here it is:
(link removed)

I have added this to (link removed) now

Thanks…250 points were added :slight_smile:

Good job! :wink: edited the page to make it a little more clear :wink:

Cool, thanks. I wasn’t sure where to add it really. I was trying to look for a way to add it into a sub page or something, so I figured I would just drop it there and wait for coments.

The content is fairly sparce on the wiki though. I’ll try to add content as I create my project. Why aren’t more people contributing though. It’s an excellent little board.

Why not add your own page and link it to the mini page?

Nah forget it, I think it’s fine like this. ;D

It is good on same page