FEZ Mini Base Board Availability?

I had seen that the FEZ Mini Base Board was not longer listed in the catalog and thought it had been discontinued. This was before the Education Kit was available a few weeks ago. Thinking that the FEZ Mini was Arduino Nano pin compatible, I bought a DFROBOT Nano base board. Nope - not compatible. Nano socket is 30 pins, not 24. My mistake.

Is the FEZ Min base board going to be available as a separate item?

Actually, I am looking at the schematics now and it looks like the Mini might be “almost” compatible. A quick glance looks like the first pins in each row are at least close to the Nano. I will spend more time on it and then have an answer for that part anyway.

A pin by pin comparison shows that the first 12 pins of the Nano on each side of the socket are compatible with the Mini as far as Comm Ports, Grounds, Voltages, and Reset lines. The Analog IO and Digital I/O seem to be on opposite sides of the socket, but otherwise compatible.

As long as I don’t plug it in backward, I might be OK.

Still want any suggestions and info about Mini Base Board though.

FEZ Mini is compatible with Parallax BS2 so any board you find advertised for BS2 then FEZ Mini will work on.

The base board itself is not very useful without the eblocks and this is why we have them all combined in one educational kit.

Makes perfect sense. Thanks.

If you are taking votes, I would find the baseboard by itself useful. The e-blocks in the educational kit are not of interest to me, but other e-blocks are. It would also be useful to have multiple baseboards for a single FEZ Mini as each baseboard could be a different “project” and the mini could be moved back and forth. It would make it easier for those of us on limited budgets to affordably do multiple projects.