Fez Mini and the boe bot


i have a boebot and fez-mini print.
how do I place the print on the boebot?
see immages, is it immage A or immage B

greetings Dré Jansen (new on this forum)

print == board.


@ drejansen… its position A, it would also help if you place the FEZmini in one of these see link -
It doesnt have to be these but you get the idea; try to get one with the "springy bottom connector not the straight flat type or high presigion machined round type… unless thats what you like :slight_smile: "
not only will it keep you Board of Education intact, but will also rise your FEZmini up abit to clear the two CAPs near the battery connector… also place one on the BS2, it has very delicate pins that can break; the 24pin socket adapter makes it eas to switch between the two.
you must keep the power off on the Board of Education, when uploading your program to the FEZmini; the power pins on FEZmini and BS2 are a bit diffient in Function see schematics and instructions about powering the two, also the direct PWMs pins on the FEZmini are in diffirent locations; use i think pin12 and pin15 for direct PWM… see schematics pin outs and documentation for both to compare.

That should be it, have fun :slight_smile:

one more thing, I couldn’t help to notice your old version of the Board Of Education… just to be sure your powering is ok; you should check the schematics of that version and see if there could be some kind of revision conflict of the power type, supply, etc. :slight_smile:

The brochure of the FEZ Mini is a photograph of the Boe-Bot Mini FEZ placed to see. The position is what you call A position.