FEZ Mini 1.3 Serial connected LCD

I have been happliy getting my Phanderson K107 serial LCD working with a domino I have. I am trying to emulate the setup on a mini. Everything is pretty well the same, but I just cant get the LCD to recieve a signal from the mini. I have the (one wire) connected to the OUT (Com1) on the mini, via breadboard, and I have it the LCD booting up ok. Here is the test code (which works fine on the Domino) any ideas. I have tried pulling the pin high and low. Uploaded the latest firmware (wasnt THAT exciting). I have searched for a couple of days for an answer, i take my fez off to anyone who can help.

string mentxt = "?bb00?f?y0?x00hello world:"; // ? because thats the pre qualifier for the 107
 SerialPort UART = new SerialPort("COM1", 2400); //2400 because it works on the Domino
byte[] buffer = Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(mentxt);
UART.Write(buffer, 0, buffer.Length);

Com1 on Mini is rs232 not TTL. Use a different serial port.


On the Domino COM1 is TTL levels 0-3.3V, on the Mini COM1 is RS-232.

If you have not bricked the LCD, try another COM port.

Thanks guys, appreciate your help.

Here’s a question? I use Com3 (works well on TX) for the serial data I am sending the LCD. Can I use Com3 to recieve data from an xbee, if so how, if not… will the xbee work on com 1 (fez mini) or will I have to use the UART port or will I have to remap the pins for COM4. what do you think? Cheers