FEZ Lynx - Bitmap animation video

I have created a TinyBitmap class which can load a standard windows bitmap and convert it to the correct format to be displayed by the Display N18 module connected to the FEZ Lynx. Here is a quick video of the FEZ Lynx being driven by the PC and bouncing an image around on the display.

I was impressed by the performance. Each frame is sent to the FEZ Lynx from the PC.


Wow, that is pretty smooth movement considering its basically streamed.

Very impressive!

Is that with the closing if the device each drawing, right?

@ Architect - Yes, after each image the device is closed. I actually put an if statement around the close, it forces a close if it receives a buffer more than 8 bytes it will close the device after writing the buffer. I chose 8 as an arbitrary number, no science behind it :slight_smile:


Are you drawing the entire screen each time? Or just changes from one frame to the next?

@ mhectorgato - Only the changes are being sent through.

Here is another quick demo of the speed of the communication between the PC and FEZ Lynx.

The soccer ball has 7 frames which creates the spinning animation, on the PC the software extracts each frame from a sprite sheet and then sends those out to the device. Each frame is 64x64 pixels so that is at least 8196 bytes of data sent to the device every frame, that is only the raw image data excluding any of the control data which is a few extra bytes each frame.


@ taylorza - Nice! Reminds me of the Bottle Cap demo Apple put on the original Macintosh – 128K on the base model :wink: