FEZ Hydra with T43 on TinyCLR


So far I had no problems with running T43 display with FEZ Hydra, but after update to new TinyCLR (I uninstall everything before it), I cannot make display to work.

It’s only white.

When going back to it works again, but I cannot remove version completely from system and it gets there somehow (I bet with my program) and after some time, display stops working again ???

I hope someone could help me cause I dont want to reinstall the whole OS.


Hi Amertak, welcome to the forum

The “all white” symptom is documented in the release notes. The firmware no longer initialises the display by default, so you need to do so in code. Once you do that, it will work as usual.

Our just add the display in the gasgeteer designer and run it

Thanks for answer, but I havent been able to find this information.

Are there any other release notes than that with new SDK?


To be honest, I had an issue. When initializing T43 in gadgeteer in debug mode, debug ended and I couldnt debug anymore so I tried to play with preprocessors directives not to intialize display in debug mode.

Now I am back on
I will try new version again, but I am not sure if it will work properly.

release notes are on your PC in the GHI directories.

Somehow after three TinyBooter flashes I made it to work.

Even debug is now finally working, thanks :wink: