FEZ Hydra wiki page

This page will have all info on how to set the system up and where to get all info you need.


Please read the page carefully before asking questions.

We have decided (me and Aron) to work this Saturday. We have covered PWM, AnalogIn and Software I2C. The delay in release is good as it will be complete and ready for you to enjoy .NET Gadgeteer to the fullest.

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sign of trouble already, and the assembly line isn’t even finished yet…

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I’m quite new to netmf. Knowing the right question is half the battle, so I hope you can help me with what sort of search terms I should use to answer a question like “how much RAM is available to application code on platform X”

It’s 64K on my netduino which isn’t really enough room for the combination of assemblies I tried to use, and I was wondering whether this is a netmf thing or a netduino limitation. I just skimmed the Beginner’s Guide to NETMF without finding an answer to this question.

On the GHI website it says the Hydra has 16MB SDRAM and 4MB FLASH, does this mean my application will have 16MB available for code and data?

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This is a good place to find an answer:



I was reading the Beginner Porting Guide e-book and discovered 2 external web links that do not work (any more)

@ Page 10: 6.1.1 Find a suitable Processor/Board: http://www.tinyclr.com/downloads/FEZ%20Hacker/AT91SAM7X-EK.pdf

@ page 24: 11.1 Further reading… http://www.FEZZer.com

PDF link:


Fezzer is now known as:


Will update the book. Thanks

@ Gus, I guess i was reading an older e-book.

At the introduction at http://wiki.tinyclr.com/index.php?title=FEZ_Hydra_Developer is a link to the latest e-book and under The open-source Files to an older e-book

Oh I see. The wiki version of the book shouldn’t be used. I deleted all wiki pages. This is what you need

Please let me know if you see errors in this version.