FEZ Hydra video and some free samples!

GHI has seen the great value in open source hardware and FEZ Hydra is finally here. An official announcement comes early next week but for now…

FEZ Hydra is 200/240Mhz open source hardware. We give you hardware/software design files, everything A to Z. The board is powerful enough to run even linux!

What is so special about this board is that its firmware is compiled with open-source GCC compiler. Community will be able to modify and contribute easily. The board is designed in EAGLE. One of GHI trade secrets is the way we layout 0.8mm BGAs and now it is all open.

This gets even better, we are sending 4 free FEZ Hydras one for Jay Jay who guessed the name and 3 going to our most active members in the past 3 months, Architect, Mike and ianlee74.

We hope this new FEZ will meet your expectations and we hope the price will draw a huge smile on your face.

Forgot to say, for those 4 receiving the free samples, please email me your address
gusi@ “ghi domain”.com if it is different than what is on your account.

Oh man!
Only 4, Howe soon before they are up for sale ?
I want to pre-order mine :wink:

P.S. are you going to be making a tiny module also using this like the EMX ?

@ Architect Gus stil has the thunder :wink:

@ Gus the cpu is Atmel SAM9RL64 ?

@ Gralin - looks that way. You can just make it out on the board in the picture.

Congrats guys! Don’t forget to put up vids for the rest of us to drool over while we wait to order ours.

Very nice.

I would expect to see atleast 2 special purpose modules to accompany the Hydra.

The flash seems to be SPI ?


What a surprise! Thank you.

I actually have a project which needs the power of the Hydra.

Awesome! Thank you!

You guys do know how to keep things secret at GHI, the Board is already on Rev 1.1 and we are just learning about it… ::slight_smile:

Looks amazing, can’t wait for the fun to begin…

Thank you.

You guys need a new logo!

Congrats to all!
Awesome product! Whish I had one, lol :smiley:

The new board looks and sounds awesome, Gus. Congratulations.

And a big “thank you” for making it open source from hardware on up.

(Oh, and no dip switches from the looks of it. Even better! :wink: )


YOU GUYS ROCK!!! This is one early Christmas present I can’t wait to put my hands on! The address you have on file for me is accurate. THANKS!

looks great

I can’t wait to get the main characteristics of this card.

CPU ? USB (host client), Ethernet ?

Gadgeteer compatible ?

I’m sur we won’t wait a lot before having all this information…

But still, can’t wait to get them :slight_smile:

Monz - I think you need a lot more coffee :slight_smile: You’re IN the Gadgeteer forum…

yeah, you’re right, my apologizes :slight_smile:

can’t still wait to know the price of the hydra and technical specification :slight_smile:

Interesting :slight_smile: how much go you think this board is worth?

Priceless! :smiley:

How are we supposed to price it if you won’t give us the full specs???