FEZ Hydra updater confusion

Due to program errors in my RLPLite program I am having to update my Hydra again! using the wiki as below.

As I don’t have an SD card I am shorting pins 8 and 10 on socket 3 for 5 seconds. To find these pins I used the link below.

When using the FEZ Hydra updater there is a link to a pictorial that appears to be in conflict with the Gadgeteer Socket pictorial above. Which one is correct?
When I try to connect using the updater it fails and I get a log entry saying that the wire link should be removed from pins 3 and 8?
So I guess there are 3 questions which pins on what socket using which socket pictorial?

The image on the wiki is correct

This one.

The pins in the Updater picture are wrong (we will fix for next release). Use the pins that are shown on the Gadgeteer Sockets wiki page. Use either Socket 3 or Socket 4, Pins 8 and 10. To be clear, I am uploading a picture:

Thanks guys!
@ Architect, Sorry I cant split who is correct, but @ Aron gave a complete answer. Now I have to figure out why the Hydra is not updating.

Well that’s odd, last night my Hydra was talking, this morning it would not do anything, so I just rebooted my computer, on the way down it crashed with a BOD, when it booted back up everything was ok. My Hydra updated no problem! I don’t think it needed updating.