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FEZ Hydra status update rev 0.1


We shipped the hydras with alpha version we call 0.1. It includes Display drivers (display is off by couple pixels, will fix later), GPIO, UART, SPI. We also learned that USB high speed 480mhz is too high much for the gadgeteer sockets/cables so we kept USB runnig at 12Mhz. This is plenty fast as it is only used to load applications and debugging.

What is next:

  1. Add PWM interops (we already have the drivers working)
  2. Add AnalogIn interops (we already have the drivers working)
  3. Add managed touch driver (the simple way for now)
  4. Cleanup the bootstrap application and make public
  5. Cleanup the firmware code and make public
  6. Come up with a plan for contributors willing to share

What is Next Next:
5. Add Ethernet and make it dynamic (already tested)
6. Add TinyBooter (already tested)

We should have it all ready by Christmas, happy holidays :slight_smile:


You know I’ll contribute; and not just Gadgetous/GameSlate stuff either.