[Fez Hydra] not found

My computeur does not recognize my device “FezHydra” (first picture)
My Usb CLient SP works correctly.
This problem appeared when I deployed an application. It took more time to deploy than usually (second picture) .
So, I cliked on generate and then cancel. My FezHydra does work since.

Do you have a clue why it does not work ? I really need help ? Did it happen to any of you too?

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Did you install the drivers? Try different USB port.

If you stoped the deploy half way through then it may be stuck. Try a different port and also see if you can ping it with mfdeploy.

thanks !
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My driver was already installed before it stuck. But I can’t do it anylonger. I tried differents Usb ports several times.

So I can’t ping FezHydra in MFDeployement because it doesn’t regornize it.

Ok, Maybe try putting the Hydra into bootloader mode (as if you were going to re flash the firmware) see if its detected then.
If it is then i would follow the steps for re flashing anyway, that should put it back to a clean state.
Edit: make sure you follow the directions to the letter for updating the firmware, and dont unplug it while its flashing or your Hydra will become a nice collection of spare parts for another Hydra :slight_smile:

I would try to reflash the board:


@ Architect - You beat me to it :slight_smile: i was just looking up the directions :smiley:

thank you so much .

my problem is resolved !
I update firmware manually with Sd card modul and it works
sorry for my english I’m french :slight_smile:

Great! Have fun!

Thats great news. :slight_smile:
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