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FEZ Hydra Mainboard micro module


I know GHI keeps a tight lip on whats soon to come down the pipe.
But i would love to see a new module based off the FEZ Hydra 240Mhz AT91SAMRL ARM9 processor.
A module that i could simply plug into a board of my own design.
I know its open source, but that BGA package is beyond my skill level.


Is Cerb40 an option for you? That’s what I think it is kinda aimed at.


Not really. I am looking for something with more ram & LCD features. More than this is not to be a dip package connection.
something along the lines of a mini PCA connector.


Lips are sealed but wish is granted, even better


now drooling quite severely…


Gus, you’re building new mainboards faster than I can find projects to throw them in! Either you’ve got to slow down or I’m going to have to start working part-time :wink:


yeah, I need to move to the US to afford the freight on all this new awesome stuff!


Ian: How would you like to sell Mary Kay cosmetics?


“Hello, Jane, would you like some new eye liner and a few Gadgeteer modules?” :smiley:

My wife sells Scentsy wickless candles. Maybe I’ll just go to work for her… :wink:


Fine, you win. I’ll pack up shop and move to Michigan and work for FEZ board. :stuck_out_tongue:


With the amazing skills you have, you are automatically hired.